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Special Services

Special Education Parent Meetings for School Year 2017-18.  Click here to read.

Teacher RealTime Web-pages
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Staff e-Mail & Phone Extension
Click on the name of the staff members below to open an email communication with them.  Classes listed to the right of staff names are the courses currently taught by that staff member. 

Ms. Jennifer Abraham
Mr. Christopher Bratty
  • Biology ICS
  • Modern US History ICS
Mr. Frank Costello
  • Early US History ICS
  • US History 2 ICS
Ms. Hope Fortsch
  • Foundations of Algebra "A" ICS
  • Intro to Algebra "A"
  • Math
Mrs. Jamie Fowler
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry ICS
Mr. Jay Graber
  • Foundations of Algebra A ICS
  • Geometry A ICS
Mr. Larry Kimport
  • English
  • English 2 ICS
  • History
Mrs. Eileen Korey
  • English 3 ICS
  • English 10
  • English 12
Mr. Todd Lisella
  • Chemistry ICS
  • Early US History ICS
  • Geometry "A" ICS
Ms. Allison Lucia
  • Life Science
Ms. Diana Nahmod
  • English 1
  • English 1 ICS
  • English 2
Mrs. Nancy Reyes
  • English 3 ICS
  • Intro to Algebra A
  • Intro to Geometry
Mr. Michael Rutkowski
  • C.P. Chemistry ICS
  • Integrated Science ICS
Mr. Jeff Schmidt
  • World Geography ICS
  • World History ICS
Mrs. Courtney Sosna
  • Foundations Algebra "A" ICS
  • Geometry ICS
  • Geometry "A" ICS
Ms. Ellen Turck
  • Biology ICS
  • Case Environmental ICS
  • CP Biology ICS
  • Science