Merit Based Activities

Merit Based Activities - the activities included are based on admission criteria including academics, character and service.  Students must complete an application process which includes a careful review of their academic, discipline and service records.  Students are accepted into these clubs/organizations based on merit.  Activities are funded in the current school year budget.
Club Name
English Honor Society
To prompt excellence in the area of language arts.  Students who attain a B/A average in their English classes throughout high school are eligible to apply for admission at the end of their sophomore year or junior year.
Students are active in community service as well as promoting the language arts through activities such as the annual Poetry Slam at Barnes and Noble, assisting with the middle school newspaper, and collecting story books for children being assisted by Angel's Wings.
French Honor Society
To promote the culture and history of France.
Community service to UFRSD, volunteer at Millstone Day, Upper Freehold Day
Italian Honor Society

Latin Honor Society
To promote the Latin language and Roman culture
Saturnalia festival and peer tutoring.
Math National Honor Society

National Honor Society
Chartered chapter of the NHS national organization.  Membership is open to those students in grades 11 and 12 who meet the required standards in four areas of evaluation: scholarship, service, leadership, and character and continue to grow in these areas.
Thanksgiving baskets, Giving Tree, scholarship fundraiser, clothing drive, tutoring, school store
Science National Honor Society
To promote excellence and the study of science
Peer tutoring
Spanish Honor Society
To promote the Spanish culture
Latino Cafe, Spanish lab, cultural field trips, peer tutoring
Social Studies Honor Society
To recognize student academic excellence in Social Studies and encourage historical inquiry and citizenship.Students are active in community service projects that promote historical inquiry, character and citizenship.  Activities include various community service projects, tutoring, A-Town live - Week in History, field trips, guest speakers and competitive events.