Transcript Release & College Forms

The forms listed on this page are in pdf format and can be downloaded and/or printed from any computer.


Print the form below and mail or fax to the AHS Guidance Department at (609) 259-0390. At this time, there is no charge for graduate transcripts. No transcripts can be released without the signature of the former student requesting his or her transcript. Please include the complete address of where it is to be sent.

Forms for CURRENT students:

Mid-Year Reports or "mid-marks" are available to be sent to college to which you have applied after the first semester. Only your first semester grades are sent on an updated transcript, NOT your second semester grades. Only some colleges will require mid-marks. If the colleges to which you have applied request them, you must submit this "pink form" to Guidance. Do not request mid-year reports on Naviance.

Scholarship Transcript Request - some private scholarships require transcripts. This "green form" is to be used for a private scholarship application ONLY. Do not use it for application for local scholarships awarded at graduation. These are managed through the Guidance Office. You must also request these transcripts on Naviance.

Each year, there are scholarships awarded through the community to students at AHS. The applications, directions and financial statements for these scholarships are available through Naviance. Please note that you do not have to request transcripts for these scholarships.