AHS: Did You Know

AHS: Did You Know
Posted on 08/14/2019



2019-2020 EDITION


ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL is proud to announce a partnership with Rutgers University in Italian for our students to receive Rutgers College Credit for our Italian 3 and 4 Honors courses.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL was ranked number 2 in Monmouth County and 663 out of 10,782 schools Nationwide.  Niche bases their rankings on rigorous analysis of academic and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with test scores, college data, and ratings collected from millions of Niche users.

Every NJ School ‘Graded’ in New State Report – how did we do?  Schools were graded from 0-100 and the grades were based on graduation and absenteeism rates along with PARCC scores.  There are 2,100 schools in NJ – AHS was ranked 618!!

AHS was ranked #119 out of 337 by NJ Monthly!  Rankings are based on the following:

  • School Environment:  The sum of the standardized rank scores for student/faculty ration; number of AP and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects offered; percent of 11th and 12th grade students taking at least one AP or IB test in any subject; and percent of students grades 9-12 taking at least one course in visual or performing arts.  (Grade 12 enrollment is shown in the published chart for reference only; it is not part of the scoring).
  • Student Performance:  The sum of the standardized rank scores for students scoring 1550 or better on the SAT’s; and the percentage of students scoring a 3 or higher on AP tests or 4 or higher on IB tests.
  • Student Outcomes:  The sum of standardized rank scores for four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate (the number of four-year graduates divided by the number of first-time ninth-graders who entered the cohort four years earlier); and the percentage of students enrolled in a two or four-year college 16 months after high school graduation.
  • Weighting:  The overall student performance score has a weight of 2.0.  The AP/IB participation score and the 16 month college enrollment score each has a weight of 1.5.

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Emergency Tip Line:  609-259-7292, ext. 1729 The District has created a Tip Line for anyone who has information that could put anyone in our school community in danger.  If you have any information or reasons to be concerned about the safety of our School District Community, please share that information with a building administrator.  In the event that you feel uncomfortable, this tip line will enable you to call anonymously.  Please leave all the information needed for us to be able to ensure everyone’s safety.

STOP!T  An anonymous reporting & incident app available to all students and parents to help create a safer place to learn..

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has a Random Drug Testing Policy to provide students the opportunity to “SAY NO” to drug and alcohol use.  Any student in an extracurricular activity or upperclassman who wishes to have parking privileges must be part of the pool for random drug testing.  The Random Drug Testing Policy has been in place since 2008.  Once students are enrolled, they remain in the Random Drug Testing pool until they graduate or their parents remove them in a written letter to the Principal.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has an Honor Code.  Students are required to sign a pledge to be honest and responsible in their dealings with one another and in the creation and completion of all work.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL promotes parental involvement through our volunteer services, the Principal’s Parent Advisory Council and the AHS Booster Club.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has a Global Learning Center (GLC).  The building hosts the World Language Department and Sr. Practicum programs, also two science labs.  New to the building is a computer lab that promotes Web 2.0 applications such as skyping and video conferencing.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has a foreign exchange program with Lycee du Noordover, a high school in Northern France.  This year marks the 32nd t anniversary of this exchange.  The French Exchange Program was started in 1988.  Every other year, French students travel to AHS and live with an American family and enjoy the American way of life.  During their visit they go to class and visit NYC and Washington D.C. and enjoy American sporting events.  On alternate years, our students go to France, visit Paris, London and Brussels, and go to school in France.  This year, approximately twenty-five of our students will be traveling to France.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has a school store.  We currently sell many school related items such as notebooks, pens, and binders, as well as clothing items and new items and accessories.  The location of the store is in the cafeteria near the snack stand and is open during all lunch periods.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL is recognized for efforts in developing inclusive classrooms that support all students.  We offer a range of programs while addressing the educational needs of students with disabilities.  In every instance a student with disabilities has an individualized educational plan completed in partnership with student, teachers, parents and case manager.  All students are welcome to participate in every aspect of student life at Allentown High School.  Questions regarding special student services?  Call 609 259 7292 extension 3357.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL now offers 21 AP classes; over 87% of the scores were 3 or better for the May 2019 exams.  That is up from 81% in 2018.  ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers Advanced Placement Courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Statistics, US History, European History, Macroeconomics, English Literature, English Language, Spanish, Latin, Psychology, Environmental Sciences, Human Geography, Music Theory, Studio Art, Government, French and Italian.  Students must meet the prerequisites to enroll.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S graduating class of 2019 received over 6 million dollars in local and college scholarship money to pursue post secondary education.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL graduated 314 students in the Class of 2019.  Ninety-Five percent of the class is pursuing post secondary educational opportunities.  Students were accepted to some of the most competitive colleges such as: Boston College, Boston University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Fordham, James Madison, John’s Hopkins, Lafayette, Lehigh, Marist, NYU, Penn State, Princeton University, Renesselaeu, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Stevens, TCNJ, St. John’s, Temple, US Naval Academy, Yale, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia and Villanova.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL students have the opportunity to attend different vocational/technical schools in Mercer and Monmouth Counties.  Students may also attend the local community colleges while in high school.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers summer programs: College Applications Made Easy, a four day, fee-based program to help incoming seniors prepare their college applications under the direction of faculty from the English and Guidance Departments.    SAT Prep in both Math and English is offered to help students prepare for the SAT, credit based Financial Literacy and Computer applications.  We also offer, Summer Math Packet Assistance, Study Skills and a Writing Course.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL is a Choice school for the State of New Jersey with five exciting programs.  Resident students and students from the area may apply for the special programs in the following areas:

Tomorrow’s Teachers

Fine and Performing Arts

International and Public Affairs Honors Program

Agricultural Program

Engineering Program

Information on the application process is available on our website and are due by December 1st each year.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers more than 29 honors level courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Language.  Allentown High School has a BASE (Business Academy for Service and Education) program, where students participate in an internship and take an on-line college course.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) preparation programs for its students.   Programs are offered through our partnerships with Lentz and Lentz and Princeton Review.  We will continue to offer the SAT Bootcamp program called Catalyst Prep.  This Bootcamp is an intensive two day program offered the weekend before the SAT’s.  We also offer a summer program to help prepare for the SAT’s in both Math and English.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S award winning literary and art journal Impressions is a true work of art.  Recently, sculpture, photography, and splashes of color have been added.  Students are encouraged to submit writing and artwork, and to join the editorial board that meets from January through April to produce the book.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S “A-Town Live” is a live broadcast of the High School’s daily announcements and activities via classroom TV’s.  Students will be able to utilize skills from Video Production 1 class in all phases of production for the school’s television studio.  Technical and communication skills will be emphasized for successful broadcast performance related to the television industry.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers an independent study option to seniors who are part of the Gifted and Talented program that allows them to take courses beyond our regular course sequence or to work with a mentor on special research projects.  Permission for independent study options must be approved by the Department Supervisor and the Principal. We have also partnered with Princeton University for students who have taken all levels of our math, science and world language courses to continue their studies for college credit at Princeton University. 

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers Honor Societies in the following subjects:  English, History, Math, Science, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, Art and History.  We also have a National Honor Society.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S Symphonic Band meets during the school day as a regularly scheduled elective course.  Students in the Symphonic Band improve their musicianship and learn to perform band literature of varying genres and difficulty levels.  The Symphonic Band performs at least one formal concert each semester and also travels to festivals around the state. 

Individual students can also audition for various honor ensembles that are not affiliated with Allentown High School such as the New Jersey Region II Band, NJ All-State Band, All-Shore Band, Rutgers Honor Band, and the College of New Jersey Honor Band.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S “Redbird” Marching Band is an extracurricular activity which meets after school hours.  The marching band season begins with a week- long band camp at the end of August and continues through the middle of November.  The band performs at football games and various community events.  In addition, they have their own competitive schedule, which takes them all over the Northeast to compete against other bands their size.  While the main part of the marching band’s season takes place in the fall, the band does have some other performances throughout the course of the year.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S Jazz Ensemble is an audition-only group that performs the highest quality music covering many different styles and genres.  The Jazz Ensemble performs at the school, in the community, and at Jazz Festivals held all over the state.  The band practices in the evenings beginning in December and continues through the end of April.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL'S Agricultural Science/FFA program received a national 3 star award in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015 and again in 2019.   The program received a 2-star award in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.  These are the highest awards that a program can receive from the National FFA Organization and places Allentown in the top 2% of the 8,568 programs in the country.  Allentown has been named the outstanding chapter in New Jersey for 26 of the past 30 years.  Allentown was ranked as the #1 FFA Chapter in the state of New Jersey!

The Allentown FFA chapter competes in over 20 state and national contests every year.  They have won over 77 first place awards during the past 15 years.  Allentown High School was chosen as a Choice School due to its agricultural science program.  In October, our FFA chapter travels to Indianapolis, Indiana to compete in the National Career Development event Finals.  The Agricultural Science/FFA program prepares students for the 57,900 annual job openings in the business, science and technology of food, agriculture, and natural resources.  Annually, nearly 39% of the jobs in the food, agriculture, and natural resources sector go unfilled to the lack of qualified candidates.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL'S Student Assistance Program offers an array of support services for students and their families through individual and group counseling and parent conferences. Students can receive services at the recommendation of parents, administrators, school counselors or self-referral.  Issues addressed include academic, social, emotional, and relational concerns with referrals to appropriate outside providers made as necessary. Student support groups will be offered and may include topics such as personal motivation, healthy choices, anger, family stressors and grief.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL'S Gifted and Talented program provides students the opportunity to participate in several academic endeavors throughout the year (i.e., writing contests, academic tournaments, Stock Market Competitions, U. S. Senate Youth Program, N. J. Math and Science League Competitions, Teen Arts Festival, Federal Challenge, APAC, etc.).  They also participated in four-day Model United Nations and Model Congress events as well as the Mock Trial Competition.  Students can also participate in the Future Teachers of America program.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL students participate in the Annual Spring Musical each year.  Some of the recent outstanding performances have been “Legally Blonde,” “Rent,” “Les Miserables,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Into The Woods,” “Children of Eden,” “Singing In The Rain,” “The Addams Family,” “Shrek,” and “Beauty and Beast.”  All students may audition for a role in the play, or may assist in many of the support roles, such as tech crew, makeup, publicity, etc.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers Concert Choir to all students.  The group currently has over 90 members who sing in a variety of musical styles.  The group regularly performs The National Anthem at school functions, travels to Rutgers for the annual ACDA Choir Festival, and hosts its own festival in April each year for schools around New Jersey.  Students participate in All-Shore and All-State Chorus.  The group has traveled to Washington D.C., where they placed 1st with a Superior Rating in the festival and sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and last year to Boston where they received the top award of all the choirs competing.

Half and Half is an auditioned group of 16 singers who sing all contemporary A Capella music.  The group regularly sings in at least 4 parts, and often breaks up into 8 or even as many as 12 different parts.  They perform throughout the area at a variety of functions. 

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL'S homework lab is available to students four days each week after school. Math Lab is available after school on Tuesday and Thursday.  A certified math teacher staffs math lab.  Science and World Language also offer after school labs. We have tutors from the National Honor Society available to tutor students.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL'S computer learning and information network makes it possible to incorporate computers as an integral part of our instructional program across all curricular areas.  We have a 1:1 initiative with all 9th - 12th graders receiving a Chromebook.    Overall, we have more than 1,300 networked computers in the high school and 80 network printers. 

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL'S Student Council was presented with several awards from The New Jersey Association of Student Councils last year:

●          28th year Honor School

●          Standards of Excellence Award, the highest award a school can receive

●          Won 1st place for high schools in NJ and 1st place overall for Charity Award

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL students, as part of our career education initiative and work place readiness standards implementation, will have accomplished the following:

            All seniors will leave with:

  • an up-to-date, scannable resume
  • a list of careers that match their aptitudes and interests

            All seniors have the option of earning course credit in the Senior Practicum*:

  • a career related internship
  • a career related independent project
  • a self-designed and directed community service project
  • a college course

                  All juniors will have:

  • completed 1 or more career interest survey
  • researched at least one career and one college that would prepare them for that career
  •  completed the Common (college) Application
  • written a personal statement essay
  • been given instructions and printed materials on how to request a recommendation for college
  • been given instructions and printed materials on how to research and evaluate a college/university

*Students sometimes earn college credit for internships community service and independent projects. Interns publish in newspapers, design homes for architects, ride with the police, make films, intern with the US attorney, teach the handicapped, create music, run Hotlines, work with nutritionists and nurses, start their own businesses and so much more.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S Fine Arts department is devoted to teaching art fundamentals and helping students create strong portfolios.  Projects in class are designed for students to build on artistic knowledge, develop skill, solve visual problems, and provide direction for individual creativity.

Our students compete in art contests and have won numerous awards.  Each year AHS students participate in the Monmouth County’s Teen Arts Festival.  Our students also compete in a statewide clay contest, “Clay in Mind.”  Each year we have received the highest honor, making it possible for students to attend summer workshops.

Each year several Allentown students continue to study art in college.  Our students have attended schools such as: the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Tyler School of Art (Temple University),  Mason Gross School of Art (Rutgers),  Pratt, School of Visual Arts, Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia), Rhode Island School of Design (RISD ), Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Parson’s, the New School for Design (NYC).

AHS also has introduced a class in computer graphics into the art curriculum.  The students study graphic design, including typography, layout, color theory, photography, and product branding.  The programs used are industry standards Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

If your child is interested in art, we highly recommend that they begin taking art classes as a freshman and take at least one art class each year.  By doing this, they will be building a portfolio that they may use for college placement.  In addition, if your child is interested in architecture, he/she should take Art 1, Art 2, Advanced Art, AP Studio Art and Computer Graphics.  It is important that schools of architecture see that a student has a wide range of skills.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S Library Media Center is committed to providing the highest levels of service to its students and staff.  The primary goals of the program are to encourage its users to view learning as lifelong and unending and ensure that students and staff are accomplished, self-reliant users of ideas and information in all forms of media.  The mission of the library media program further strives to promote literacy and the love of reading and learning while maintaining a nurturing, creative and collaborative environment.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S Spanish, Italian, French and Latin Honor Societies induct members each year based on academics, service and written composition among other requirements.  Various projects include painting flags to decorate the 6th hall, community service such as tutoring, field trips to cultural sites, performances and museums.  Money is raised to provide college scholarships and to fund cultural trips.  All events are centered on providing opportunities to experience other cultures.  The induction ceremony is held in November.  The advisors are Ms. Annette Konopka and Ms. Angela Zettlemoyer for the Spanish Honor Society, Mr. Erik Collins for the Latin Honor Society, and Mrs. Anna Maria DiPiatti for the Italian Honor Society, Ms. Katherine Ricci for the French Honor Society.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S Science and Math Societies induct members each year based on academics, service and written composition among other requirements.  They provide help at Science Night Live, assist in the Math Lab and provide peer tutoring.  Mrs. Greco and Ms. Testa are the Science Honor Society advisor and Mr. Magnus is the Math Honor Society advisor.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL will induct students into the Wilde Chapter

of the National English Honor Society this November.  The inductees will recite a quotation from a favorite book, poet or author and receive a white carnation during the ceremony.  Ms. Jessica Kaiser and Ms. Diana Nahmod are the advisors.  The Chapter’s goal is to increase student interest in literature and language.  At this time we will also induct students into the History Honor Society and Art Honor Society.  The advisors are Mr. Robert Davis and Mrs. Susan Thompson, for the History Honor Society and Mr. Brad Nicklas for the Art Honor Society.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has a Robotics Club which provides students with an opportunity to use their understanding of computer science, mathematics, physics and English and team building skills to design build and competes in robotic competitions.  Students will have an opportunity to work with community members who are engineers, industrial fabricators, electricians, industrial designers, and team managers.  This club is a precursor to a school course related to robotics.  There are thousands of dollars in scholarships available to participants through the FIRST organization.  The team has participated in the New Jersey Regional in Trenton, the New York Regional, and has been privileged to compete their way to the National Championship.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has a Leo Club.  The purpose of this organization is to demonstrate to young adults the importance of community service and how it will benefit their lives.  This club aims to teach the importance of working together towards reaching a common goal and to encourage involvement in the community.  The club will also provide the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate, the ability to develop collaborative skills, and the opportunity to simply have fun.  Future events may include:  food drives, collection of toys for the holidays, collection of money for CROP WALK, clothing and toiletries for charitable organizations, participation in Adopt-a-Platoon, volunteer work, nursing home visitations, community clean-ups, Ocean Action Beach Clean Up, helping out with Monmouth County’s Habitat for Humanity and with the local Lions Club.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has an active chapter of the National Honor Society.  Each November, the chapter advisors, Mrs. Melinda Reed and Mrs. Kathleen Roe, host a formal candle lighting induction and officer installation ceremony for incoming senior and junior members.  The chapter participates in a variety of community service activities that build leadership skills not only for the school community, but also for local, state and even national community service programs.  Members organize and distribute Thanksgiving baskets to needy families in the school community.  They organize and sponsor The Giving Tree Project, a coat drive, a scholarship fundraiser and help out with various school activities.  Ongoing activities include a minimum 50 community service points that are met through tutoring, volunteering at hospitals, first aid squads, fire departments, agencies associated with disabled people, nursing homes, leadership activities and projects sponsored by Habitat for Humanity while maintaining at least a 3.7 weighted GPA.  Our members take not only academics seriously, but their roles as future leaders and caring citizens.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers a Writing Center for one-on-one conferencing.  Students can utilize the Writing Center during the school day to work with an English teacher on any text-based task from classroom writings to college essays to presentations.  It also provides Writing Center on Wheels for mini-lessons in subject areas across the curriculum.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S Character Education Committee has sponsored assemblies, student art projects, community outreach, A-Town spots on Character Ed., guest speakers, classroom exercises and student demonstrations focusing on the six pillars of good character:  trustworthiness, respect, caring, citizenship, fairness, and responsibility. 


ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL’S 2018-2019 athletic accolades include:

2018-2019 was one of the most successful athletic years in Allentown High School history.  Team and individual achievements include:

  • 6 Colonial Valley conference Division Championships
  • 11 Mercer County Tournament appearances including an MCT Championship appearance
  • 15 NJSIAA State Playoff appearances
  • 18 athletes qualified for the State Championships in Track and Field/XC
  • 5 of those athletes advanced to the NJ State Meet of Champions
  • 3 of those athletes would compete in the National Meet of Champions
  • The Basketball program crowned a new All-Time Point Scorer
  • 2 of our wrestlers made it past the District tournament to compete at the Regions. 2 of those wrestlers qualified and competed at the State Championships
  • Our first female wrestler competed and placed 2nd at the State Championships
  • We had a 2-time Academic All-American Girls Lacrosse Player
  • Presented the 12-A Award (to a student who earned a Varsity letter in every season of their high school career).

Our state-of-the-art fitness center provides athletes an opportunity to train year-round.

All of our sports programs participated in community service projects throughout the year.

Schedule information and directions can be found at www.colonialvalleyconference.org and go to Allentown High School.  Please follow Allentown Athletics on Twitter @AtownRedbirds.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL offers the following clubs:

Academic Team
APAC (Allentown Political Activist Club)
Art Honor Society
Allentown High School Business Academy
Book Club
Character Education
Class Activities
Color Guard
Culinary Club
Dance Team
Debate Club
Drama/Spring Musical
English Honor Society
Educational Travel Experience
French Honor Society
Future Educators Association (FEA)
Gay-Straight Alliance (GLOW)
Gifted & Talented
Half and Half
History Honor Society
Impressions Literary/Art Magazine
Italian Honor Society
Jazz Band
Latin Honor Society
Leo Club
Marching Band
Math Honor Society
Math League
Mock Trial
Model UN
National Honor Society
New Jersey Science League (NJSL)
New York Federal Reserve High School Challenge
Nutshell School Newspaper
Philosophy Club
SADD-Students Against Destructive Decisions (formerly LifeSavers)
Science Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Student Council
Volleyball Club
Team Unified

As part of a focus on communication with parents and students, ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL utilizes the school website, email, Honeywell, a Virtual Backpack and Realtime Parent Portal.  Please see our website for various high school programs noted on PowerPoint presentations.  Visit www.ufrsd.net/.  Please follow Ms. Embley, Principal on Twitter @ Allentown HS and join her Remind by texting @ msembley to the number 81010.

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL established in 2008 a Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement Committee to create a sense of appreciation with the school community for those who graduated from AHS, taught or who have contributed to the overall well being of the school as a community member.  The first class was inducted on November 3, 2008.  Every other year up to four individuals are inducted. 

ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL has an Athletic Hall of Fame (AHOF).  The inaugural class of the Athletic Hall of Fame was recognized at a home game on October 3, 2009.  This Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievements from former athletes, coaches and local supporters of athletics.  The inductions are projected to take place at least every two years.