Students are by nature quite guarded regarding the disclosure of many issues to an adult; particularly when there are concerns about alcohol and drugs.
Many students worry about the conflict of interest in discussing personal issues with teachers, administrators and guidance counselors, when these are the very faculty members who grade them, discipline them, write their recommendation letters and frequently communicate with their parents.
Congress has recognized these obstacles, and created federal confidentiality regulations known as 42 CFR Part 2. This law provides students access to confidential treatment for alcohol and drug related issues.
Students are always encouraged to share their concerns with their family. However, the SAC does not automatically contact parents unless, after assessing, the issue at hand indicates a safety risk.
There are a few concerns that may arise in which the SAC will automatically by law report information. These areas include:

  • If an individual is planning to take their own life or is putting their life at risk.
  • If an individual is planning to take someone else's life.
  • If ther is any kind of abuse going on.